professional waterproofing of cold joints and dilatation joints with injection resins, injection tubes and water swellable bars

    Joints are everywhere and their sealing and secure closing is important. Joint systems are materials to repair joints in tunneling and civil engineering. Cold joints or working joints are treated differently to dilatation or expansion joints. ARCAN joint systems have the right material for all types of joints, regardless of whether it is a sealing problem or the elastic sealing of the joint.

    Joints are vulnerable parts of each building. Construction joints don´t change their cross-section like movement joints. The choice of material depends on how much water is coming through and if there is a sealing system is already in place.
    If there is an injection hoses available which is not yet been injected or that can be re-injected, the procedure is very simple.
    Alternatively the use of adhesive membranes which are glued on top of cracks or joints is a proven mean of sealing.
    The injection of a suitable injection resin is always a good choice and the variety of availble resins enables the choice suitable to pump equipment and problem at hand.

    Joint sealing is very important in new buildings as well as in renovation. Joint sealing systems are dilatation joint repair and working joint sealing in new buildings as well as repair jobs.
    Joints are everywhere and with ARCAN Technology sealed forever.
    We offer high-class swellable tapes and membrane sealing with clever glues for all purposes. The swellable mastics complete the portfolio.
    ARCAN injection tubes are re-injectable and combine swellable tapes with injection technology.
    Injection rubber Rapid 570 for dilatation joint repair is one of our outstanding developments.


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