HydroBloc Injekt 583

injection resin for waterproofing and tube injection

HydroBloc Injekt 583 is a water friendly injection resin for waterproofing injection, like crack injection, honeycomb sealing, working joint sealing and construction element waterproofing. The most important property is the use as injection tube resin for re-injectable tubes. Injekt 583 is a solid resin (no gel) and tube cleaning procedure executed with water only.

HydroBloc Injekt 583 is water swellable, the auto repair effect adjust changes in joint or crack cross sections automatically. This is where rigid and non-swellable resins usually fail.  Swellability is not equal to foaming. Swelling happens after final curing, when the material gets water contact. Additionally a corrosion prevention additive creates active reinforcement protection.