HydroBloc PU 500

swellable injection resin for waterproofing and tube injection

HydroBloc PU 500 swellable and elastic injection resin for waterproofing. Excellent penetration into fine cracks and structures make HydroBloc PU 500 the first choice for crack injection, joint sealing, honeycomb sealing, injection tube injection and building element waterproofing. PU 500 is suitable for dry, wet and humid conditions and if accelerated with HydroCat the material is an excellent waterstop as well.

The water swellable resin with auto repair effect adjust changes in joint or crack cross sections automatically. This is where rigid and non-swellable resins usually fail. Swellability is not equal to foaming. Swelling happens after final curing, when the material gets water contact.

The elastic and solvent free injection resin is 100% solid. User friendly mixing ratio (1:1) and long processing time for 1 component pump use, make working with HydroBloc PU 500 easy and comfortable. The low viscous resin hardens even in thin layers trustworthy.