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Gulliver Business Center Kiew

Gulliver Business Center - Pile strengthening and waterproofing

Project Details

Gulliver Business Center Kyiv - the piles of the parking lot were damaged and structurally instable, cracked and leaked. They needed strengthening and sealing. Additionally water was coming from below, penetrating through the joint.

Project Task

Pile strengthening and stabilization and sealing against water penetration. The Gulliver Business Center's underground parking lots are supported by buttresses. Water penetrated at the connection point between floor and pillar. In addition, the stability of the pillars was inadequate.

Project Solutions

The stability of the parking lot of the Gulliver Business Center in Kiev was at risk due to damaged piles. In addition, water was seeping through the joints between the floor slab and the pile.

First task: sealing the piles
Injecting a curtain of HydroBloc Polygel 530 acrylate gel into the soil under the piles to create a watertight curtain and cut off the water supply.

Second task: crack injection and sealing in the pile itself.
HydroBloc Integral 575, a single-component, swellable resin, was used to seal the cracks in the pile structure. The ready-to-use material was perfect for the job, due to its ease of application and ability to swell on contact with water. This guarantees permanent sealing of all cracks, as the material is able to adapt itself to structural changes.

Third task: damage repair on the pile surface.
To repair and create a smooth surface, the pile was coated with Cembond 863. This waterproof and extreme strong mortar prepares the surface for the final reinforcing layer of carbon fiber material. Cembond 863 requires no primer or other surface preparation, it adheres to wet surfaces and withstands a negative water pressure of 7 bar.

Fourth task: reinforcement
Reinforcing and stiffening the piles was the main issue of the repair process. Carbon fiber reinforcement with the right adhesive is an elegant solution to restore strength and stability. CarboMesh 163 is a carbon fiber mesh designed to be bonded to the surface. The mesh easily adapts to differently shaped objects and is bonded with Cembond 863 to ensure perfect stability.

Materials Used on This Project

Project Photos


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