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Railway Bridge in Petingen

Railway bridge in Petingen, Luxemburg. Waterproofing with acyrlate gel.

Project Details

The railway bridge PK 18.031, Petingen - Luxembourg, had to be sealed. The original plan was to demolish the structure and build a new bridge. Luxembourg Railways was interested in a technique of waterproofing with an acrylate gel injection curtain. Therefore, the bridge was to be sealed and examined after the sealing process. The project initially served only for training purposes and to prove that veil injection works. After the work was completed, the client was so satisfied that the original plan was discarded and the bridge was not demolished. It is still watertight today.

Project Task

Curtain injection at a railway bridge with acrylate gel.

Project Solutions

Injection with HydroBloc Polygel 530 certified by Deutsche Bahn to create a surface waterproofing through structural waterproofing. The bridge was sealed using the curtain injection method, with construction monitoring and evaluation carried out by MFPA Leipzig. The complex monitoring was a wish of the client.

The completely soaked vault made of stamped concrete and pre-cast sandstone is now watertight again. Excellent penetration, even into the finest pores, high chemical and mechanical resistance are just some of the positive properties that contributed to the successful completion of the work.

Materials Used on This Project

Project Photos

Project Videos


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