Building Glue

building glues are versatile usable products, made for gluing, repair and spattle

Available as 2 component Epoxy systems or as 1 component polymer system. Waterproof, excellent adhesion and initial tack are just some of the amazing properties.

Epoxy glue for building applications such as installation of concrete cones in fibre-reinforced concrete pipes, tile laying, glueing or as repair spatle. Perfect waterproofing, adhesion on wet surfaces and soft creamy consistence for easy application are some of the good properties of Silipox glues.

Provide reliable waterproofing, adhesion on mineral surfaces, wood, metal, many plastics and even on wet surfaces

Roxbond is a mineral-based glue for stones, tiles, wood and plaster. The fast setting and the excellent adhesion are superb for glueing Parquet, Laminate and Cork. Even thermal insulation like Styropor or Felt are no obstacle

Building Glue