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Boguchanskaya Dam

Boguchanskaya hydropower dam - Crack injection without waterstop foam. Just Integral!

Project Details

Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station located at the Angara river in Sibiria. The Angara is one of the most water-rich rivers in Russia. Installed Capacity 2970 MW

Project Task

Waterproofing and sealing of cracks, honeycombs and other concrete damages, resulting from the immense temperature differences meanwhile building and the extreme Russian weather conditions. Crack injection into dry, humid, wet and active leaking cracks. Active leakages in cracks, joints, and honeycombs needed waterproofing injection. Due to the harsh weather conditions, a material without a classic setting time was the first choice. HydroBloc Integral 575Temperature greatly affects the setting time of 2-component materials and can cause problems. If it is very warm, the 2 component resins react very quickly and the injector comes under stress and eventually the pump shuts down. If it is too cold, 2-component resins will stop reacting completely. Integral products are not sensitive to heat and cold they react only in the wall.

Project Solutions

Crack injection with HydroBloc 575 Integral for waterproofing and waterstop with a single component pump ARCAN Packer. The low viscosity material penetrate and spread perfectly in the damaged concrete and sealed it permanently.Active leaking cracks were injected without exception with HydroBloc Integral 575 without any additional use or pre-injection with waterstop foams.The special properties of HydroBloc Integral 575 made this possible. The hydrophilic Integral resin emulate water and uses it as a carrier through the building structure. In fact, where the water flows the Integral arrives. On the way through the structure, the curing process takes place and the resin gains inner strength. This leads to a complete filling from the starting point of the injection to the exit place of the water.A typical sign for success is the colour change of the water from clear to white, which signals the arrival of the resin. The trick is to continue pumping Integral into the system until the leakage stops. Integral resin always flow with the water and block effectively the leakage. Result: the water stops suddenly and the whole crack filled with an elastic rubber with additional swellability for extra safety.HydroBloc Integral 575 is a water swellable injection resin. The 1-component polyurethane injection resin is ready to use and perfectly suitable for application with a single component pump. The low viscosity material penetrate and spread perfectly in the damaged concrete and seal permanently.

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