Dilatation Joint Repair

injection rubber for permanent waterproofing

Successful renovation and sealing of expansion joints is an art and – if done correctly – solves the problem permanently. ARCAN injection rubber HydroBloc Rapid 570 is designed for the renovation and sealing of damaged and leaking expansion joints; in combination with the ARCAN joint cover, it is an unbeatable system.
The ARCAN dilatation joint restoration system is suitable for civil engineering, tunnel construction, hydroelectric power stations and all other expansion joints.

HydroBloc Rapid 570 is a liquid rubber for injection. The 2-component material reacts in 3 stages. Immediately after mixing (stage 1), it becomes creamy and is easy to pump. The cream effect has 2 advantages. Rapid does not flow out of wide cracks or joints, as thin products would do. When used as a waterstop, the cream is not dispersed, but stays together and stops water faster and more effectively than other resins.
Stage 2 occurs after 60 seconds, creating a high-strength, super elastic rubber. The reaction is complete after a total of 90 (!) seconds.
Stage 3 starts after the end of polymerization. Rapid 570 increases its volume on contact with water. It swells and thus follows the changes in the joint cross-sections.

Post-injection with non-foaming resins (which is the case with waterstop foam) is not necessary. Why? HydroBloc Rapid 570 is homogeneous and has no pores!

Dilatation Joint Repair