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Schleuse Erlangen

Erlangen lock - saggings and washing outs, stability was at risk after 40 years of operation

Project Details

The Erlangen lock is located at KM 41.0 of the Main-Danube Canal (MDK) and consists of the lock chamber with 3 economizing basins arranged on the west side. It overcomes an average head of 18.3 m and was built at the end of the 60s / beginning of the 70s of the 20th century in the course of the construction of the MDK. Chamber size 190 x 12 m²

Project Task

The stability of the Erlangen lock was at risk because after 40 years of operation the joint bands were defective. The water had washed out the earth, which led to sagging in the backfill of the eastern chamber wall in the area of the lower head. In the eastern drainage gallery, major water leaks and material discharge were observed. Summary of the damage: leaks most likely occurred as a result of non-existent or defective joint sealing of the chamber blocks.

Project Solutions

Injection with HydroBloc Rapid 570 injection rubber as permanent waterstop, waterproofing and dilatation joint sealing. The super elastic rubber like material follows the change of the cross section of the joint and grows in contact with water and humidity. This swellability acts as double security system. ARCAN Fugenabeckung 90 is a stainless steel plate made to cover the perfectly filled joint.

Materials Used on This Project

Project Photos


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