ready mixed mortars and resins for repair and construction

    Mortars are universal helpers and can be used everywhere. Our fast repair mortars with particularly short curing times allow the surface to be loaded and used again quickly. This is particularly important on runways and industrial floors that cannot be closed for long periods. The use of ARCAN’s own polymer means that it can be used in cold stores even at sub-zero temperatures without causing odour dissolution or the stored goods taking on the odour or taste.
    Liquid resins are ideal for producing mortars on site that have special properties, such as adhesion to damp substrates. These mortars are used as grouting mortar, scratch filler or reprofiling mortar as well. Ready-to-use mortars with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, steel and many types of plastic make repairs, sealing and fixing easy. Trass mortars are ideal for the renovation of historical buildings and as laying mortar as well as repairs in the sewage sector.


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    • PMMA Mortar

      Repair Mortar

      Casting Mortar


    • PCC Repair Mortar

    • Cement Reative Additive