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Boguchanskaya Dam

Boguchanskaya hydro power dam - dilatation joint sealing with injection rubber HydroBloc Rapid 570

Project Details

Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station located at the Angara river in Sibiria. The Angara is one of the most water-rich rivers in Russia. Installed Capacity 2970 MW

Project Task

Waterproofing and repair of leaking dilatation joints in a hydropower dam in Sibiria. Leakages resulted from the immense temperature differences meanwhile building and the extreme Russian weather conditions. Due to the large and constant amount of water flowing through the joints, a material was sought that would provide a perfect waterproofing solution even without prior foam injection and would not be washed out immediately.

Project Solutions

Leaking dilatation joints were successfully injected with HydroBloc Rapid 570. The injectable rubber is a 2-component material with fast setting exceptional properties. The water swellable material is super elastic and mechanical resistant. Joints filled with HydroBloc Rapid 570 are permanently waterproof. The injection rubber compensates changes in the joint cross section reliable. Additional safety provides the water swellability – functioning as an auto repair effect in case the cross section stretches too far to be compensated by the elasticity. Swellable material provide better performance than rigid systems. The added benefit of HydroBloc Rapid 570 is its pudding-like, paste-like consistency that allows pumping effortlessly while ensuring that the material is not immediately washed out and dispersed by flowing water. As a result, Rapid builds up a sealing structure and securely and permanently closes the leakage.

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