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Fellbern Tauern Tunnel

Fellbern Tauern Tunnel - Crack injection and waterproofing with swellable one component resin.

Project Details

Fellbern Tauern Tunnel - connecting Salzburg with East Tyrol safely in winter

Project Task

Fellbern Tauern Tunnel build in 1967 is a 5.282 m long tunnel and part of the important Tauern highway in Austria.

In winter, the leaking cracks were a risk for car traffic in the tunnel, due to icicle formation, so a sealing material was sought that was elastic and could cope with any movements and that was easy to work with. A resin suitable for injection in cold surroundings.

Project Solutions

Some cracks were leaking heavily, some were dry and others moist. With HydroBloc Integral 575 we could offer a material following the changes of the cross sections in case of movements, react actively with water and stop leakages without waterstop foam. The swellable and elastic material grows in contact with humidity and water and provides so an active repair effect. The automatic repair is a big adavantage compared to rigid or elastic materials. Due to the swellability the resin repairs itself in case of settlements where rigid resins fail.

This tunnel was injected in winter time when it was cold. And again the Integral technology was in advantage compared to other resins. Temperature greatly affects the setting time of 2-component materials and can cause problems. If it is very warm, the 2 component resins react very quickly and the injector comes under stress and eventually the pump shuts down. If it is too cold, 2-component resins will stop reacting completely or react so slow that they are washed out with no chance to seal.

Integral products are not sensitive to heat and cold they react only in the wall.

Materials Used on This Project

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