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European Parliament Strasburg

European Parliament Strasbourg - parking lot waterproofing

Project Details

Meanwhile building the European Parliament in Strassbourg the parking lot needed waterproofing against heavy water inrush.

Project Task

The European Parliament is located in Strasbourg just off the Illinois. The parking lot is 6 stories deep in the wet ground. While building in 1996/97 large amounts of water flooded the garage. Several companies tried to stop the flood.... all failed.

Project Solutions

The solution to stop the floods rushing into the garage was HydroBloc Rapid 570, the injectable rubber for joint repair and heavy waterstop.
The super elastic material creates a cream, pasty like consistence immediately after mixing of the components. This paste can be injected into water, rushing water and still keeps togehter while "normal" resins get distributed without any chance to cure or forming a sealing. The swellability of HydroBloc Rapid 570 follows the change of the cross section of the joint and guarantess a perfect sealing.The second step was the injection of a gel curtain behind the concrete walls. This stopped the leakages through cracks without injecting each crack itself .

Project Photos


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