HydroBloc 620 Integral

ready to use injection resin for waterproofing and contact grouting

HydroBloc 620 Integral is unique injection resin for waterproofing. Integral is synonym for ready to use injection resins.No mixing, no accelerating! Open the lid and start successful work.HydroBloc 620 Integral is hydro active – self-injectable foam. The foaming takes place for a period of 35 minutes! Meanwhile the foaming process the material pushes itself into further away cracks and pores. This foam is waterproof. Do not use HydroBloc 620 Integral as a waterstop foam, for this job have a look into our waterstop foam section.HydroBloc 620 Integral is an excellent choice for crack injection, joint sealing, honeycomb sealing, injection tube injection and building element waterproofing. HydroBloc 620 Integral is suitable for dry and humid conditions.