HydroBloc PU 507 E

elastic injection resin for waterproofing and stabilisation

HydroBloc PU 507 very elastic injection resin for waterproofing and stabilisation. Low viscosity combined with excellent penetration and long processing time are perfectly suitable for crack injection, joint sealing, honeycomb sealing, injection tube injection and building element waterproofing and cavity filling. PU-507 is suitable for dry, wet and humid conditions. PU 507 create an elastic foam when in contact with humidity or water. The same material could be used as post-injection foam resin. (2 in 1 material). HydroBloc PU 507 is 100% solid and solvent free. User friendly mixing ratio (1:1) and long processing time for 1 component pump use, make working with HydroBloc PU 507 easy and comfortable.