HydroBloc Integral 575

swellable ready to use injection resin for waterproofing and waterstop

HydroBloc 575 Integral  is a unique waterproofing injection resin. Integral is synonym for ready to use injection resins. No mixing, no accelerating, non-foaming! Open the lid and start successful work.

The water swellable resin with auto repair effect adjust changes in joint or crack cross sections automatically. This is where rigid and non-swellable resins usually fail.  Swellability is not equal to foaming. Swelling happens after final curing, when the material gets water contact.

Integral resins are no gels! They never shrink below their original size and stay flexible.

HydroBloc 575 Integral is an excellent choice for crack injection, joint sealing, honeycomb sealing, injection tube injection and building element waterproofing. Leakages and usual waterstop, are easy jobs for HydroBloc 575 Integral. Integral 575 is suitable for dry, humid and wet conditions and even waterstops. Integral technology safes time, money and reduces material consumption.