ARCAN Fugenabdeckung 90

metal cover, part of injection rubber dilatation joint sealing

ARCAN Fugenabdeckung 90 is part of ARCAN dilatation joint repair system.

This system masters the repair of movement joints permanently.

ARCAN Joint Repair System consists of ARCAN Fugenabdeckung 90 and HydroBloc Rapid 570.

The joint cover is a stainless steel plate fixed as a permanent solution on top of the joint. The ARCAN Fugenabdeckung 90 allows the movement of the joint and it works like a cork on a champagne bottle that keeps the content inside.

All swellable materials grow in contact with humidity and water; this closes the gap created by the movement of the joint.  If the joint is open at the front, the swelling process pushes the resin out. This is why we need the ARCAN Fugenabdeckung 90 to cage in the resin so it will be able to fulfil the task.