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Havana City Tunnel

Havana Tunnel is a city tunnel under the Havana Bay, 733 m long, 12 m below ground level.

Project Details

The tunnel of Havana city stretches under the bay of Havana and connect Havana Vieja and the east side across Havana Bay. It is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the Cuban civil engineering. The tunnel extends from the Paseo de Prado, is 733 m long and 12 m below ground level. It takes a driver 45 seconds traveling at a speed of 60 km/h to traverse the tunnel.

Project Task

In 2000, sections of the tunnel needed reapir and waterproofing. Joints and cracks allowed water to penetrate into the tunnel

Project Solutions

The contractor was looking for a material that would solve all of the city tunnel's sealing problems. There were various tasks that needed to be sealed with just one product. Joint sealing, cracks and gravel nests.
That's why HydroBloc Polygel 530 was chosen. The low-viscosity acrylate gel can be adjusted to any processing time. From a water stop with a gel time of just 10 seconds to a curtain injection of up to 120 minutes, all t-gel can be infinitely adjusted. This flexibility allows the experienced injector to customize the material to his needs. The main task was to inject a waterproofing membrane around the tunnel shell to stop even the smallest leaks.

Materials Used on This Project

Project Photos

Project Videos


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