protection against water, abrasion, stains and chemicals. Controlled concrete drying.

Surface protection systems protect surfaces against abrasion, dirt, chemicals and seal against water. To choose the right system, the requirements must be known and the type and properties of the surface to be protected must be known too.

An important distinction is vapour tightness – sealing against diffusion of moisture from the substrate. A common mistake is to apply a vapour-tight coating to a diffusion-open substrate. This is why we distinguish between diffusion-open and diffusion-closed systems for our coatings, top coats and impregnations.

Vapour proof – non-permeable – coatings are not suitable for damp, unsealed surfaces. Typical surfaces are private garages, industrial floors and parking garages. On the other hand permeable coatings are suitable to go on all surfaces.

The Silox EPW system consists of coatings, repair compounds and primers, all perfectly coordinated.

Surface protection systems cover a huge range of materials, floor coatings, top coats, impregnations, sealing and slurry membranes and liquid latex membranes.