slurry membranes, waterproof paint and liquid latex membranes

    Waterproof coatings are slurry membranes; flexible and rigid waterproofing on walls and floors, for inside and outside use. They resist negative water pressure up to 7 bar.

    Waterproof coatings are liquid latex membranes; they protect surfaces from water and other substances. Typical use is below the tiles in bathrooms, damp rooms, balconies and terraces. These types of crack bridging coatings are made for walls, floors and foundations. For outdoor use on garages, flat roofs and windmill foundations is available a uv stabilized Silox DF material. In chemical strained areas such as water basins or biogas plants Silox MX comes into action. The newest “member” in this product range is Baudicht 914, a super elastic membrane which combines the benefits of sealing slurries, sprayable membranes and bituminous coatings.

    Waterproof coatings are paints;  for wet walls, they prevent blooming, water spots, and delivery a beautiful surface, they are stand alone solutions or used after horizontal barrier treatements.

    Waterproofing of wet walls and floors, are stand-alone solutions or post-treatment’s after waterproofing work. ARCAN sealing slurries made with Cembond Technology, seal surfaces against water penetration. Sealing slurries, provide permanent tightness for walls and floors.

    Restoration plaster dehumidifies damp and salt-loaded masonry and is usually applied after horizontal barrier treatment.

    Restoration paints such as the waterproof paint HydroBloc WPS 750 are made for the application on wet walls, indoor and outdoor.


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