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Boguchanskaya Dam

Boguchanskaya hydro power dam - leakage sealing with Integral 575, without waterstop foam resin.

Project Details

Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station located at the Angara river in Sibiria. The Angara is one of the most water-rich rivers in Russia. Installed Capacity 2970 MW

Project Task

The task was to permanently seal leaking construction joints, some of which carried considerable amounts of water.Due to the harsh weather conditions, a material without a classic setting time was the first choice. HydroBloc Integral 575Temperature greatly affects the setting time of 2-component materials and can cause problems. If it is very warm, the 2 component resins react very quickly and the injector comes under stress and eventually the pump shuts down. If it is too cold, 2-component resins will stop reacting completely. Integral products are not sensitive to heat and cold they react only in the wall.

Project Solutions

Leaking working joints with heavy water inrush were sealed at Boguchanskaya HPP with HydroBloc Integral 575.HydroBloc Integral 575 is a one-component ready-to-use injection resin that reacts only in the building material without forming foam. This is a major advantage, because waterstop foam must always be re-injected to ensure permanent sealing. The foam can block the path of the injection resin, making sealing more difficult.The property of HydroBloc Integral 575 to react and cure only in the building material allows stress-free working without interruptions due to cleaning work.When HydroBloc Integral 575 is injected into the water stream, the reaction starts and the material will react to form an elastic rubber within 60 seconds. We use this property to completely fill the crack or joint with injection material. The water is the transport medium, which absorbs the resin and transports it through the structure. During transport, Integral reacts and sets. The lekage is stopped. Without foam or any other additional material.

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