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Ministry of Taxes, Baku

Ministry of Taxes, Baku - Pile head sealing with HydroTape swellable water bar and Pro Inject 403 multiple injectable tube

Project Details

Ministry of Taxes in Baku, Azerbaijan is a 168 m high office building.The project started on 01.09.2016 and was finished on 31.08.19.

Project Task

Sealing of pile heads and sealing of joints in foundation plate.

Project Solutions

Installation of Hydro Tape swellable water bar around pile heads to seal this area constantly against water. HydroTape was glued to the pile heads by special glue HydroColl Klebepaste 430 and HydroSeal 355 swellable mastic. The multiple useable injection tube Pro Inject 403 was installed in between the reinforcement steel. The top of the pile heads was additionally sealed with waterproof coating Cembond 863. The final layer was made of DuroFlex 670 a flexible crack bridging coating.

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