stop and permanent sealing of heavy water ingress and leakages in concret, rock and masonry

    Water leakages range from a slight trickle to heavy water ingress. ARCAN waterstop materials offer a wide range of suitable products for all waterstop types.

    The best of the best waterstop, is a single shot system with super flexibility and high strength. To be honest you don´t need anything else instead of HydroBloc Rapid 570 to stop rushing water. In case you like waterstop foam, choose from our range of 1 and 2 component foam resins in all shades of elasticity.

    Gels made of acrylate and polyurethane are excellent waterstops. For mortar fans Silex Waterplug is the right choice.

    ARCAN offers waterstop systems with foam, waterstop with gel, waterstop with injection resins and waterstop with injection rubber.



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