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Porsche Centrum Salzburg

Porsche centrum Salzburg - installation of a new floor coating on asphalt fine beton

Project Details

Porsche centrum Salzburg needed a new floor coating for their garage. The surface was made of asphalt fine concrete. This type of material contains bituminous parts and is not as rigid as normal concrete.

Project Task

The challenge was to find a coating material for asphalt fine concrete surface which is crack bridging, decorative and easy to clean. Because of the bituminous parts of the asphalt fine concrete the requirements for the coating were special.

Project Solutions

1. Working Step: Primer
In order to prepare the AFB floor for the upcoming coating, the surfaces was coated with a special primer for bituminous surfaces, DuroFlex 671. The ready to use, one component primer, is easy to use. The product reacts with traces of humidity out of the air. Result is an elastic and durable layer with excellent adhesion on nearly every surface. Relating to its excellent surface adhesion, DuroFlex PU-671 is perfect as bonding course for following coatings. Especially on bituminous bond substrates. Such areas can be protected of abrasion by double or multiple treatment with PU-671. This method is conditionally protecting against oil and fuel.

2. Working Step: Coating
After the primer, our crack bridging high performance coating DuroFlex 670 was applied. Coatings made of DuroFlex 670 are shock-resistant, wear-resistant and absolutely liquid tight and crack bridging. DuroFlex coatings are self levelling.
DuroFlex coatings are available in 2 qualities. DuroFlex 675 is UV stable even in snow white color is no yellowing to be expected. Where DuroFlex 670 is the standard quality .

Materials Used on This Project

Project Photos


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