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Wether to seal a pipe penetration or a wall bushing, this method is suitable for all pipes and feed throughs by creating a waterproof collar actively closing the changes in cross section initiated by vibrations, earth quakes or temperature changes.

The advantage is the swellability combined with flexability. This special features enable the use in advanced surroundings. This could be pipes with a hot or cold medium inside, or pipes which contains cables. This is the final solution for all sealing tasks around pipes.

Procedure and Preparation

  • excavate the pipe and remove concrete or mortar
    • circular app .30 – 40 mm wide.
    • 60 – 80 mm deep
  • Remove dirt and concret left overs from the pipe surface
  • In case of flowing water drill in 45° angle into the back part of the cavity to release the water. (Ø= 10 – 13 mm)
  • Komprischaum 130 is an injectable foam structure, available in strips a 30 x 70 x 2000 mm. It works like a scaffolding – the resin spreads controlled inside of the foam structure. This Komprischaum strip will be dunked into water and the inserted into the cavity around the pipe, like a collar. The ends must befixed together with wire.
  • Close the opening with Silipox Baukleber 824 (Epoxy glue) or SealFix 930 Expansion mortar (swellable mortar for drilling hole closing).
  • let a ventilation hole in the upper part, this is necessary to release the air meanwhile injection
  • Let it cure

Injection with HydroBloc 575 Integral

  • Inject the Komprischaum collar with HydroBloc 575 Integral, the swellable and elastic PUR resin.  Do not use too much pressure. 10 bar are more than sufficient.
  • The HydroBloc 575 Integral is  ready to use resin. Therefore it doesn´t need acceleration or mixing. Just open the can and start pumping. The material will cure immediately with the humidity in the Komprischaum ( dunked into water before placing inside the hole)

Most of all this method guarantees a hazzle free waterproofing!


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