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Waterproofing and Injection Technology Seminar

After 2 years without a live seminar, it was finally time again in June. Our seminar Basic – Injection and Sealing, took place at the Idan Training Center in Reykjavic. Many thanks to Olafur Astgeirsson for the great preparation, perfect as always. Seminar Island 2202_06_02It was a great afternoon with wonderful guests. Thank you for all the questions and for being there! I am already looking forward to the next visit to the island of fire and ice. 

A preview of our next seminar topic: Rising Damp Prevention

Leaving the Idan Seminar Center, I got the idea for our next seminar.     Crumbling plaster and paint, caused by rising damp and moisture. This is a typical damage caused through humidity rising inside the wall. In case of damaged or missing horizontal barriers, the capillary structure sucks up the water and transports it upwards.Unpleasant and ugly damages but still easy to repair with horizontal barrier materials, sealing slurries or restoration plaster


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