Injection tube accessories 414

installation equipment for injection tubes, fixing, length adjustment and storage

Injection tubes are a wonderful method to seal working joints properly and sustainable. Injection tubes need accessories to function properly.Fixing clamps (Montageschellen) keep the injection tube where it should be, at the bottom of the joint and avoid floating up while concrete is being poured. Fixing clamps are available in two types. One comes with a dowel profile to be pressed into a pre drilled hole and the other one is to be nailed down. We recommend to use 5 clips/clamps per meter for proper fixing.Injection tubes come as rolls or preadjusted in 10 m length. As each site is different the shortening or elongation of a tube might be necessary. Konfektioniersets are sets which hold everything you need to shorten or elongate a tube. Each set contains 10 pieces injection ends in blue and 10 pieces in white, shrinking hose and glue. As injection tubes come with different diameters, we offer 2 types of sets.Storage of injection ends seems to be less important, but in the contrary, it is a very important part. If the injection end is getting cut accidentally, the tube is lost. Therefore we recommend to secure all injection ends in storage boxes, which will be fixed at the reinforecement and are reachable at any time. Even after years.