BlocSil 791ASi

topcoat sealant and protective coating with anti-slip effect

BlocSil 791 ASi is a protective coating with anti-slip effect for floors with high abrasion resistance and clear appearance. It is shiny but also available as matt finish. The 1 component methacrylatesystem is reactive and connects with the surface, which gives a superb adhesion. BlocSil 791 ASi creates a protective film against abrasion, de-icing salt andstains; the anti-slip effect comes through the nanoparticles inside. To be applied on concrete, screed, natural and artificial stones and non-glazed ceramics.The reuse on already treated surfaces after proper cleaning is possible. The difference between the 3 available BlocSil types is the increased abrasion resistance and the anti-slip effect. BlocSil products are made for non-industrial used surfaces. Other BlocSiland PowerSeal products are available without anti-slip finish and even higher abrasion resistance.