HydroBloc 620 nV

waterstop foam, 1-component, medium reactivity

HydroBloc 620 nV is a medium reactive waterstop foam for waterproofing and stopping water inrush. Compared with fast reacting foam HydroBloc 510 Integral, the foaming starts later and the rising takes longer. The foam is stable with fine micro-pores. Waterstop foam 620 nV could be mixed with a flexibilisation additive. HydroFlex 621 SuperFlex could be mixed in any ratio with HydroBloc 620 nV. More SuperFlex leads to more flexibility.

General use beside waterstop in cracks and joints is ground stabilisation in tunnelling and mining. HydroCat 513 adjusts the reaction behaviour such as speed and foaming capacity. Permanent waterproofing ensures a post injection with ARCAN swellable or classic HydroBloc resins.