HydroBloc Polygrout 650

PUR gel concentrate, up to 15 parts water

HydroBloc Polygrout 650 is a Polyurethane concentrate for highly elastic hydrogels. Mixing ratio with water 1:1 up to 1:15 are cost-effective waterproofing solutions. The mixing ration with water defines the product. Ratios below < 1:4 achieve a foaming material, ratios > 1:4 are homogeneous. Due to the versatile gel types created by different mixing ratios, HydroBloc Polygrout 650 is suitable for many sealing works. As all gels, Polygrout 650 needs permanent humidity to stay flexible. Polyurethane gels don´t require accelerators or reaction starters. The use of Polygrout 650 in tunnelling and mining or as curtain injection.