HydroSolv 520

equipment cleaner for injection pumps, spray and casting equipment

HydroSolv 520 cleans equipment from injection resins, coating resins and casting resins.  HydroSolv 520 is a formulation with remarkable properties. The intensive dissolving effect dissolves almost all synthetic resins, fats and oils. The security solvent is easy biodegradable and due to a high flash point not flammable. Suitable for all injection pumps, spray and casting equipment’s. The best results for long-term use can be achieved in combination with HydroMoll 522, the care and preservative material which extends the lifetime of the pump. HydroSolv 520 is perfect to clean of  liquid and uncured resins, in case of an unwanted curing incident HydroClean 524 is the tool of choice.