SiliBond 970

strengthening and protection for concrete surfaces, curing agent

SiliBond 970 is a reactive silicate solution for concrete hardening and consolidation. SiliBond 970 is suitable for new and existing concrete floors or screeds. SiliBond increases stability and waterproofing, while decreases dust formation through abrasion. The product reacts with the cement and creates a crystalline structure inside the pores and capillaries, which reaches 10 -20 mm deep. SiliBond 970 is a perfect curing and prevent fresh concrete and screed against fast drying out. The after treatment agent is a vapour barrier and protect against crack and damages caused by rapid drying. The natural appearance of concrete won´t change. SiliBond 970 used as curing while concrete application and as surface hardener after setting. For additional protection, TopCoats like BlocSil 790 used as stain protection and dust prevention on top of SiliBond 970.