BlocSil 790

top coat sealant and protective coating for floors and walls

BlocSil 790 is a protective coating for floors with high abrasion resistance and clear appearance. It is shiny but also available as matt finish.The 1 component methacrylate system connects with the surface, which gives a superb adhesion. BlocSil 790 creates a protective film against abrasion, de-icing salt, stains and traces coming from hot tyres that usually leave ugly marks. Beside the application on concrete, screed, natural and artificial stones the topcoat is suitable for the protection of Epoxy coatings against white scratches.The reuse on already treated surfaces after proper cleaning is possible.BlocSil products are made for non-industrial used surfaces. Other BlocSiland PowerSealproducts are available with anti-slip finish and even higher abrasion resistance.