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Mriya Resort & Spa

Fish pond sealing - surface preparation for coating

Project Details

Mriya Resort & Spa is a 5-star premium hotel in the Crimea, which in 2017 was awarded the prize for the best leisure resort in the world. The Japanese star architect was looking for a harmless and specially colored sealing membrane for the Japanese pond, which is home to very expensive koi fish.

Project Task

The quality of the concrete of the fish pond was not the best and had many blowholes and pinholes. In addition, the time for coating was limited and the work was carried out under great time pressure. The surface was neither waterproof, nor damp proof. While application the surface was still wet and humid.Preparation of the concrete for the following coatings, followed by scratch coating to close holes and pinholes. Priming to ensure optimum adhesion. Coating with a durable waterproof membrane in a special green-blue color.

Project Solution

Surface preparation is essential for coating success. All systems used at Myria spa & resort are breathable and suitable for humid concrete. After cleaning and removal of loose parts, Concrete skin was removed with high pressure washer and Borox Zementhaut Entferner 1032. Due to Borox Zementhautentferner 1032 the time for this task was shortened drastically.As primer and bonding bridge Silox EPW 856 was applied directly on the wet surface. The water emulsifiable epoxy resin is water friendly and suitable for humidity. In this project we used SIlox EPW 856 as primer for the following coatings. Sprayed, rolled or painted SIlox EPW 856 is easy to apply and provides perfect conditions for following layers made of Silox EPW coating systems or Cembond 863.Next step of surface preparation is the scratch mortar layer to close pinholes and blowholes to prepare the surface perfectly. This scratch mortar was made of the final coating Cembond 863 mixed with silica sand.After that, the surface is ready to coat with the final layers of Cembond 863. This epoxy coating is suitable for humid and breathable surfaces. For Mirya resort & spa the colour was adjusted to a special green blue especially required by the Japanese Architect. The application with Jekto screw pump M 6 is easy and efficient.

Materials used on This Project

Project Photos


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