Rokryl Rapid 332

non smelling, fast setting repair mortar for concrete

Rokryl Rapid 332 is a repair mortar for concrete. The fast setting repair mortar is designed for repair of industrial floors and landing strips, where time and availability matter. Rokryl Rapid 332 is loadable after 10 minutes, even in frost. The PUMA resin is non-smelling and doesn´t need a primer and sticks to humid surfaces. The excellent abrasion resistance plus the resistance against oil, fuel and de-icing salt makes Rokryl Rapid 332 the ideal use as grout mortar. For slopes is a thixotropic version available named Rokryl 332-Thix. Only sucking surfaces need a primer based on the same material system which cures in a few minutes time, the name Rokryl Primer 554.