BoRox Zementhaut Entferner 1032-Thix

removes concrete skin from walls or vertical surfaces

BoRox Zementhaut Entferner 1032-Thix removes easily concrete skin from walls without splashing or dripping. Meanwhile concrete or screed curing, the material develops a layer with insufficient strength, the concrete skin. This thin concrete coating must go before applying the next layer, like topcoat, coating or something else. The concrete skin hinders the perfect bonding between concrete or screed and the subsequent coating. Instead of scrubbing away with steel brushes, BoRox Zementhaut Entferner 1032-Thix  loosens the cement skin and after 15 minutes, the leftovers washed away with a high water pressure washer.  BoRox Zementhaut Entferner 1032 is available in two consistence’s, liquid for floors and pasty for walls.