ARCAN Waterproof has been providing innovative products in special civil engineering and waterproofing technology for many years. Our main business is the waterproofing of structures against water. We protect dams, underground garages, catch basins, metro tunnels or even large water pipes against leaking and penetrating water. In tunnel construction, we also supply products for the consolidation of soil and rock. These products are also used for the stabilisation of roadways and floor slabs.Our portfolio also includes many products for end users (homeowners), including waterproof paints, anti-mould paints for a healthy indoor climate, products to combat rising damp and coatings for balconies and terraces. We also offer swelling tapes for joint sealing, injection resins and injection gels, special adhesives, mortars and anchor resins.At ARCAN, we are passionate about working hand in hand with our customers. Our research and development is carried out with you in mind. Our ideas for your success!As a 4th-generation family business, we have been providing our customers with the best possible products and exceptional service for the past 120 years.„Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. Aristotle